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Tips for Nominating a Business for the Jurassic Business Awards

Nominating a business for the Jurassic Business Awards is an exciting opportunity to recognise local excellence. The business nomination process involves several key steps from selecting the right category to ensuring your submission meets all guidelines. Following this process meticulously increases your chances of success.

To begin you need to understand the business nomination process thoroughly. This includes familiarising yourself with the award categories and criteria. Make sure to gather all necessary information about the business you're nominating highlighting their achievements and community impact.

Award Criteria and Categories

Each category in the Jurassic Business Awards has specific criteria that must be met. It's essential to choose the category that best fits the business's strengths and accomplishments. Understanding the award criteria will help you present a compelling nomination.

Choosing the Right Award Category

Selecting the appropriate award category is crucial. Whether it's for innovation customer service or community impact make sure the business's achievements align with the category requirements. This increases the chances of standing out among other nominees.

Preparing a Strong Nomination

A well-prepared nomination can make a significant difference. Focus on presenting a clear and detailed case for why the business deserves recognition. Highlighting business excellence and community impact is key to a successful nomination.

Tips for a Compelling Nomination

When preparing your nomination consider these nomination tips:

  • Gather detailed information about the business’s achievements.

  • Use specific examples to illustrate success.

  • Ensure all information is accurate and well-organised.

Highlighting Business Excellence and Community Impact

One of the most important aspects of a nomination is demonstrating the business's excellence and its positive impact on the community. This not only strengthens your nomination but also showcases the business's broader contributions.

Emphasising Community Impact

When highlighting community impact provide examples of how the business has benefited the local area. This could include charitable work employment opportunities or community projects. Such examples make the nomination more compelling and relevant.

Success Stories and Inspiration

Learning from past winners can provide valuable insights and inspiration. Success stories from previous Jurassic Business Awards winners highlight what made their nominations stand out and can guide you in crafting your own.

Examples of Successful Nominations

Reviewing success stories of past winners can offer a roadmap for your nomination. Note the specific details and achievements they highlighted and consider how you can present similar strengths in your own submission.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Avoiding common pitfalls can significantly improve your chances of a successful nomination. Ensuring your submission is thorough and error-free is essential.

Be mindful of the award submission guidelines. Double-check all information adhere to word limits and ensure the submission is complete. These simple steps can help avoid common mistakes that could otherwise disqualify a nomination.

Nominate Now for the Jurassic Business Awards!

The Jurassic Business Awards by Marketing West is your chance to shine a spotlight on outstanding businesses in our community. Whether you know a business excelling in innovation customer service or community impact this is the perfect opportunity to recognise their hard work and dedication.

By following our tips for a compelling nomination you can help highlight the achievements and contributions of local businesses. Don’t miss out on celebrating excellence—nominate a deserving business today and be part of the movement to uplift and honour local enterprises.


Nominating a business for the Jurassic Business Awards is not just about recognising local excellence; it's about celebrating the dedication innovation and impact that businesses have on our community. By thoroughly understanding the business nomination process carefully selecting the right award category and preparing a strong and compelling nomination you can significantly enhance the chances of your nominee standing out.

Highlighting business excellence and community impact drawing inspiration from past winners and avoiding common mistakes are key steps in crafting a successful nomination. Remember to gather detailed information use specific examples and ensure all your information is accurate and well-organised.

Don't miss this opportunity to honour the hard work and achievements of businesses in your community. Visit the Jurassic Business Awards page by Marketing West to start your nomination today. Together let's celebrate and uplift the remarkable businesses that make our community thrive.

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