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Your Local Business Awards 

Free and Easy to Enter

Who are we?

Recognising Brilliance, Rewarding Excellence

We specialise in promoting and celebrating local business communities in the Dorset and surrounding areas. Our primary focus is on organising local business awards, an initiative that highlights and rewards the achievements of  businesses within the region. These awards serve not only as a recognition of entrepreneurial excellence but also as a platform for networking and community engagement. By spotlighting the success stories of local enterprises, Marketing West plays a role in supporting and encouraging the growth and development of SME's in Dorset, contributing to the vibrant local economy.

Local businesses are the backbone of the UK economy

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Marketing West's local business awards in Dorset boast impressive achievements: to date over 6,000 entries, attendance by more than 2,000 business leaders, 6,000 video views, and 22,000 website visits. Importantly, these awards have reinvested over £140,000 back into Dorset's local economies, showcasing our commitment to regional growth.

Upcoming Dates for the Awards and our Business Exchanges

Wednesday May 22nd
Dorchester Business Awards
Thursday June 20th
Christchurch Business Awards
Tuesday June 25th
Poole Business Awards
Thursday July 11th
Weymouth Business Awards
Thursday July 18th
Sherborne Business Exchange/Seminar
Thursday September 26th
Portland Business Awards
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Bournemouth Business Awards

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Dorchester Business Awards

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Jurassic Business Awards

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Sherborne Business Awards

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Bridport Business Awards

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Ferndown Business Awards

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Poole Business Awards

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Sturminster Business Awards

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Christchurch Business Awards

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Gillingham Business Awards

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Portland Business Awards

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Weymouth Business Awards


Purbeck Business Awards

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Wimborne Business Awards

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Ringwood Business Awards


East Dorset Gold Business Awards

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Shaftesbury Business Awards

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West Dorset Gold Business Awards

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See the awards in action

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsors and Sponsorship Opportunities

With over 20 awards stretching across Dorset into Hampshire and East Devon and 12-14 categories in each area there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with your local business community. You need to ask what is available in each area as many categories are taken again by existing sponsors. More here on the sponsors package

Full List of our Business Awards Sponsors and Supporters

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Business Exchange
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Business Exchanges

Each awards area now has an annual local 'Business Exchange' with guest speakers covering aspects of business relevant to that area. Sponsors and winners are automatically invited. There's networking, a buffet lunch and the chance to question the experts. These events will also be shown on this website.

Awards Recommendations & Entry

All our awards are free and easy to enter via an simple on line form. Whether you're a business owner or a local resident, you have the opportunity to recommend outstanding local businesses in multiple award categories.

Nomination Process for any of the Business Awards

Participating in the  Business Awards nomination process is a straightforward yet significant step towards recognising business excellence and innovation in your local area. Whether you are a business owner or a local resident, anyone can recommend a business. Here's how

Step 1

Identify the Category

Step 2



Step 3

Fill in the


Step 4

Submit Documentation

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Our Judging Process

The awards are judged by a group of independent judges. The process is entirely online and the judges do not know who the other judges are. They receive a brief and a copy of the entries and recommendations plus a voting spreadsheet. They vote in each category for their first choice, second and so on. They return the spreadsheet which is fed into the master sheet which tells us who are the winners. 

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