At the beginning of each month, we add an example of some of the best advertising and marketing from around the world. Some of the examples go back many years, but they remain as good today as they were then. We hope you enjoy our examples.

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Great Marketing Examples-June 2017

Great ad from Pedigree Petfoods.










Also this month we are launching a new Business Networking Group. If you want to come along just email us. Here are the details:











Great Marketing Examples-April 2017 

Spotted this one on Facebook last week. Heartbreaking. It makes the point so well.









Great Marketing Examples-March 2017

After the recent Oscar's problems we don't know if this ever ran but if it didn't it should have:











January 2017

What is Marketing?

What is marketing? Sales is part of it but only part of it

Marketing is making sure people want what you have. It varies per business. Some products or services you only need at certain times, like a solicitor or a repair specialist. Other products you need and also want. Things like a specific car. An Aston Martin gets you from A to B just like any old banger, but you want an Aston Martin. How you market a product that is need-based compared to something that is want- based is very different.

However, there are five key tips for anyone running a business. They are:

1. Decide who your customers are (area, age, demographic)

2. Produce a product they want (not what you want)

3. Sell it at a price the customers will pay

4. Make it available when they want it

5 Then tell them about it- that's where quality marketing comes in.

Great Marketing Examples-January 2017.

We thought, as it's January and everyone is miserable, we would be a bit lighthearted this month. This sign is especially relevant with Brexit always in the news. This was spotted outlining the skills of our European colleagues:















December 2016

Never Criticise your Competitors

Marketing is all about people understanding what your business is all about. What you do, the quality of your product and the professionalism of your staff. So often significant sums are spent training staff, but all this can be undone in seconds.

We have heard of examples recently where staff have openly criticised competitors, whether it is office banter, in jokey emails to each other or even on social media. Why do people think it does not matter if it is on social media? The golden rule is never criticise your competitors. Customers don't like to hear it, and it damages your professional reputation. All businesses should have a golden rule - never criticise the competition. Instead, praise them. Praising the competitors shows you are confident about your company and what it offers. 

Great Marketing Examples-December 2016

Here's a great poster spotted in the window of a cycle shop. Says it all!

November 2016

You won't change buying habits

Marketing makes people aware of your business. It makes them understand what you do, and it can make them want what you have. That is straightforward but too many companies think they can then sit back and sales will just happen.

Running alongside the marketing plan should be a product people want, it must be at a price people will pay (but not underpriced), and it must be available when they want it. That is the job of the client. Marketing can never make people change their buying habits unless they want to.

A few years ago, a major high street chain ran a heavyweight campaign to attract shoppers earlier in the week. 45% of their business was on Saturdays, but they wanted to spread this over the whole week. It was a massive campaign on TV, radio, magazines and in cinemas. It did not make any difference. People still shopped when they wanted to. The irony is, due to the campaign, their overall sales went up including Saturdays!

Great Marketing Examples-November 2016

Here's a great example of street art for Game of Thrones.

October 2016

Marketing Tip-Social Media Explained

People often ask what’s the difference between the various social media platforms. To explain this let’s imagine you own a restaurant that specialises in great breakfasts. We have then picked seven of the most popular social media outlets and written what the customer might say on each one about their breakfast (apart from Google+ which is what you would say):

Twitter-I’m eating a great breakfast at Joe’s Cafe #joescafe, #breakfast, #eggs, #bacon……….

Facebook-I had a great breakfast today. Let me tell you all about it. Well I started with…..

LinkedIn-My skills include breakfast eating where I have gained great experience.

You Tube-Watch me eating my breakfast.

Instagram-Here’s a photo of my breakfast.

Pinterest-Here’s a great breakfast recipe

Google+-I have to be on Google + to get my breakfast bar up the Google rankings

Great Marketing Examples-October 2016

Here's a great ad for Unicef. It doesn't knock Facebook but it tells it as it is.

September 2016

Marketing Tip-The Marketing Jigsaw

Businesses often say we tried this medium or that medium but it didn’t work. Others think that all they need is social media to promote their business, but there’s much more to promoting your business than this. In fact, there’s research that shows that very few businesses succeed by promoting their business on social media alone.

Well over 50% of the UK population uses social media regularly, but it also means 50% don’t. If we look at regional newspapers there are over five million regular readers in the UK, but it also means around 90% are not regular readers. The same applies commercial radio. Around 60% of the UK 15+ population listens each month but 40% don’t.

To promote your businesses don’t just use one method to promote it. It’s a range of component parts from media to promotions, PR to social media, events to direct mail and brochures to websites. The whole is much stronger than the component parts.

Marketing is just like a jigsaw with many parts making it complete.

Great Marketing Examples-September 2016

How do you sell an old wreck of a car? Be totally honest. We bet this car sold within hours of the ad appearing in the paper:

August 2016 

Marketing Tip-How much business is lost by not following up?

You invest in promoting your business and an enquiry comes in. How many salespeople don't follow up properly? Did you know that:

48% of sales staff don't follow up enquiries

25% stop after the second contact

12% after three contacts and only 15% keep following up.

Now let's look at how many times the average potential customer wants to talk to you before they buy:

Only 2% buy after one contact

3% after the second

5% after the third

10% after the fourth

80% want five or more contacts before they buy.

Marketing can get you the enquiries but your sales staff must follow up.

Great Marketing Examples-August 2016

How about this for something different? Lego has taken an old run down railway bridge and turned it into Lego.

July 2016

Marketing Tip-Always Relate Needs to Benefits

Remember when networking nobody is interested in what you do. They are interested in what you can do for them. Ask about their business then relate their needs to your business. 

If you are running an advertising campaign promote your product's benefits. The old advertising agency expression 'Sell the sizzle, not the sausage' remains true today.

Great Marketing Examples-July 2016

We don't really have to say much about this giant US poster. It's very clear what Apple are trying to say.

June 2016

Marketing Tip-First Impressions Count

Making a great first impression is imperative for any business. The way your business looks will influence what potential clients think. Get it right and it’s a huge boost for the business credibility. The rule is that everything counts. Everything you do or don’t do either adds to or takes away from your credibility. It’s often said that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression and yet so many businesses get it so wrong.

It’s the small things that get noticed. Let’s assume the potential customer is coming to your premises. How do they look? Is the outside paintwork flaking? Is the car park potholed? Are there cigarette ends by the entrance? These things sound small, but they really count.

If you have a reception is it tidy? Is the client made to feel welcome or are they kept waiting while a personal conversation or personal telephone call is completed? Even the pens on the desk must not be old chewed biros.

It’s amazing how many businesses get it wrong.

Great Marketing Examples (June)

We are starting with two examples of simple, but effective advertising. The first is an ad for a US marketing agency that wanted to show the difference between advertising and marketing. The second is a campaign to encourage people to save water. Both tell the story in a simple and effective way.